Is there such a thing as an objectively bad yoyo? (1A)

Aside from being imbalanced and wobbly (no matter how straight your throw), does everything else come down to personal taste?

What do you guys prioritize for specs and what is more negotiable? Almost all of my yoyos that I like are about 66grams, but I don’t really think about thumb grinding or gap size. I will admit, a handful of my purchases were based off of the paint.

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Yes. The “Innovation” Yoyo Concepts Breathe. Terrible idea, terrible design, terrible delivery, ok presentation. The design just prevented it from being a good yoyo, the slots cut into the yoyo would slow down sleep times tremendously and if you’re not careful would eat strings. Most yoyos today aren’t objectively bad, as it takes a person with half a brain to be able to design or come up with an idea of a yoyo, and can just have someone make a CAD for it then send it to a shop in China. So yea, most yoyos today you don’t really have to worry about not being up to par. Machine shops are much better than what they used to be, and every yoyo comes up pretty much with great tolerances.

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There are very very few modern yo-yos that I think can be considered objectively bad! This is a golden age of yo-yo for the most part.

But there are exceptions… our main main @Tvelto has a great video about this

Over time I have come to agree with his conclusions… wholeheartedly. In fact, I kinda resent the DV888 for existing these days.

There is also this list from @edhaponik but it is 2000 - 2010 era yo-yos from what I can tell?

I will add one of my own, the Nine Dragons. It’s a noble effort but the whole thing rattles and clatters and shakes so much…

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I started on the DV888 unresponsive back in 2010! It’s funny to me that the opinion on it has turned while I was away.

I will admit, even compared to my other old yoyos, it is a dense brick.

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Gosh, Did Tvelto really need that racket blaring in the background of his video??

Also; so much to say with not a great deal to tell.

He has chosen some pretty appropriate yoyos for his video, though. The N11 is one of the few yoyos I realised was terrible even before it made it to the end of the string on my first throw.

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