Is there any standardization of response pad size across companies?

The main reason I use silicone is because I’d always assumed that every company had their own sized response groove and I didn’t want to have to buy a set from YYF, YYFriends, CLYW, OD, etc, etc. But if they are standard and I can just buy one kind and not worry about it.

If they are standard, is there a year when that became more-or-less a thing? Are they mostly standardized but with some exception companies? Response-sticker aficionados, do you have a favorite brand?

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But still, $2.00 or more per pad and having yoyos that use 3 different sizes of pads…I just bought flowable silicone as well as Monkey Snot for the price of 4 sets of pads. I’ll use my stock of pads for travel situations.

See this topic as well 19mm silicone pad stickers, is there a standard thickness?

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perfect. Thank you!