is there any moders that would be willing to do this?

how much would some one charge me to sillicone recess a fhz? now this isnt for right now this is just for future referenc . i know someones gonna sya this belongsin the bst section but its not really for someone to make money this is for my oersonal reference

It depends on the person tho

I guess it woukld be around $15 - $25 cause you would need to pay shipping going to him/her and back to you (IMO , but im not that sure, I just calculated the shipping and the price of the takeshi recessed FH0 that is like $12 more than a ordinary FH0)

And I’m not going to say this thread belongs to the b/s/t section
I think it belong to the “Yo-Yo Modifications” Section cause your just asking not buying,selling nor trading ;D

yah now that i think of it it would be cheaper to get a takeshi one thaen silli it myself

If you payed for shipping id do it for free…