Is there a Yoyo that fits this description?

Are there any yoyos that fit this description ???

Diameter greater than 53mm less than 57mm
Width Greater than 43mm but less that 47mm
Weight Greater than 52g but less than 67
Gap greater than 4.1 mm
Weight Focused in rims, Long Spin times

Yoyojam C-force Diamond Back and Next Level are very close.

54mm OD
45mm Width

Great spins times! But good luck finding one :wink:

Square Wheels Rockefeller

Gap 4.24mm
Width from rim to rim 44.8mm
Diameter 55mm
Weight 66g

Weight is mainly in the rims, no worries on lack of spin time. Very fast.

Standard c-bearing silicone groove, also accepts pre-manufactured pads.
Releasing in limited quantities at PNWR, then an online release shortly after.


Diameter: 53.35mm
Width: 44.5mm
Weight: 65.7g
Gap: 4.25mm

Chief rings.


I know the Puffin fits my criteria I just wanted to explore my other options

Is there a… Yes, almost all of them.

Puffin- and it is amazing.

I believe both the G2 Albatross and Nessie fit that description. I have both and they have excellent spin times. Fair bit cheaper than a Puffin too.

Quick, everyone post your favorite yoyo!

Too many to list! :wink:

edit: kinda let the undercurrent of negativity that’s been going around get to me for a moment there…Sorry.

I’m sure it would be a mind numbing amount of work, but I always thought it would be cool if the site had a way to sort the throws by various dimensions/features. It would be a fun way to discover stuff I’d never considered before. Perhaps bring out brands I seldom look at or stuff that isn’t “hot off the presses.”


Sorry bpg… I wasn’t trying to be a jerk. I just thought it was kind of funny. I apologize