is there a difference between?


is there a difference between: dv888 and 888x besides hub stacks and weight?

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The shape is the biggest difference


They have different gaps… and in general terms, a difference in overall performance. The 888x is a superior throw in practically every sense. I like the dv888, but it feels like a brick on the string compared to the 888x.


The shape, price, value, performance as the 888x may seem to be “better” than Dv888 as I think that’s not true, and that 888x is Premium. Just has a self famous name.

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Actually, they are completely different. The only similarity is in their names, so don’t be misled in thinking that they are of the same design. :wink:


Yes, they are totally seperatley made. Different designs.


Oh ok thanks guys! :slight_smile: