Is the End Part II basically a Bape?

I know the End Part 2 has the schmoove grooves which the Bape didn’t, but am I right in thinking it’s pretty much the same?


I would say it’s an updated bape. It doesn’t have the same heft as the bape and is considerably smoother. I found it pretty comparable to the sudo as well.


Good comparison. I think I read somewhere that the Sudo is loosely based off the Bape or Bape 2.

I’d love to see a side by side comparison of the Bape and end if anyone has both.


The End Part II is based on the End by Yes, Absolutely. Anti-Yo gave a certain number of raw Bapes to Doc Pop (and another person, I forget who) to put schmoove grooves on and sell under their brand.

So I would say yes, this is basically an updated Bape made of 7068 aluminum.


Yep, though I would say the Sudo is more than loosely based on the Bape 2. From the mouth of Static themselves

You may have read or heard me say that the sudo is a love letter to the Bapezilla 2. The way I look at it, sudo is the halfway point between the Parlay and the Bapezilla 2, and I’m pretty stoked on that. sudo shuffles off some of the bulk of the Bapezilla 2 but adds some much-appreciated weight to the design of the Parlay. It borrows the rounded rim from the Bapezilla 2 while maintaining the functionality of the schmoove ring from the Parlay.

from the post in December 2019 titled “sudo” on the Static blog

Here’s some comparison shots of a Sudo, Parlay, BPZL (Bape.2 proto), and The End pt. 2 Prelude; I have a Bape but it’s at my apartment and unfortunately don’t have a Bape.2 to compare with as well.

BPZL and Sudo

Parlay, Sudo, The End pt. 2 Prelude, BPZL

The End pt. 2 Prelude and BPZL

Phil Cox according to YoYoWiki, w/ the mod work being done by Nick Corea aka Feral Parrot


Is there a release date on this yo-yo ? I feel like I always see it and then all of a sudden a it’s released and I miss it . :sleepy:

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I think the rumor is this upcoming week; I got an email yesterday from Doc Pop’s mailing list about his new designer yoyo stands that mentioned the upcoming release:

The details still aren’t out yet, but expect a new batch of End Part IIs to be released on next week. The best way to learn about this release is to follow @RoundSpinningObjects on Instagram.

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The pre-order has already been completed but I believe he still has some left. @Chriscatastrophe


How did you get in on the pre-order? I submitted a “make a reservation” request via his website a while back but never heard from Elvin :confused: This sorta happened the last time The End pt. 2 released too; I submitted a request but was told “there will be plenty for a general release” only to see others able to pre-order one with their Dertis.

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Same! Definitely would have pre ordered one, but didn’t see it anywhere on the site! Excited about these. Disappointing to miss out again.

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Yeah I’m kind of curious too about preorders, I was interested in the tiramisu 2 and waiting for drop info, only to one day see people were getting theirs in the mail at which point they were already sold out. I follow RSO on instagram but never saw any drop info for it (and there’s still none unless they delete the drop info after it’s sold out.)

I definitely don’t want to miss out on these though.

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I feel like the Tiramisu 2 was a very low key drop outside of pre-orders. I only saw it announced via a story on their IG and after I checked out there were only ~4 left IIRC, so no idea how many were even available non-preorder to begin with.


Elvin sends preorder emails to people who bought the last drop I believe.

Strange, because I did buy the Tiramisu 2 (the last drop) direct from RSO, same with the Mecha Bape SE :confused: The last pre-order email I got was for the Derti.

ETA: Elvin reads these forums because they reached out, apologized, and let me know that my email had gotten lost in the shuffle, and provided me with the ability to pre-order as well. Top shelf customer service, as always.

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You just gotta watch the RSO ig and stalk the web site…I didn’t receive any email about tiramisu2 or end pt2 either…and I buy every release :sweat_smile:

Of course, I still managed to get both :grin:


I think it’s great that RSO made the end as it give a wider audience to try out a bapeish yoyo.

Going to try and get a raw and paint it blue and green!


Just a small correction, the End was a modified eetsit. Eetsit came before the Bapezilla. Bapezilla was an updated eetsit, due to a couple issues with the original eetsit.

Doc I believe did a video on the End’s history, haven’t gotten a chance to watch it though. Those issues with the eetsit may be why they wanted to modify them.

The End Prelude was a modernized version of the original END, while also correcting one big issue with the original End. Also, Elvin said the End Finale and eventual ti End will each have different features from the End Prelude. Can’t wait to get those to compare them all. The Prelude has become one of my favorite yoyos.


Tuesday or Wednesday, that’s what Elvin from RSO told me yesterday.