is jumping over a trapeze cool

well I saw most people do it but I think it doesnt look cool
so I was just what to know if you guys think jumping over trapeze is cool or not ??? ;D

trapeze? no, eli hops, yes

When Paul Han does it, yes. When I do it, no.

trapeze? nah
horizontal green triangle? yeah that’s pretty cool.
Whenever I do the jumping over thing, I usually just jump over a red triangle.

me 2 ;D ;D

It depends on how smoothly the jump is incorporated into the other tricks. I personally like to jump over gyro flops because the flopping gives you something to do as a transition.

It’s cool if you make it cool! It’s about selling the trick to your audience.

It is what you will it to be.

Zach Gormley’s under arm eli hop jump trick is pretty sick. It’s probably my favorite jump trick.

Trick happens around 20 seconds.

What do y’all mean by jumping over the trapeze?

Check the video I just linked.

See also: Kimmitt’s Worlds 2010 performance, you’ll know when it happens.

Not really very cool looking in my opinion. YYE’s motto “make the simple amazing” applies for me in that jumping tricks are really the exact opposite. It’s going way over the top for a trick that really isn’t very technical or impressive. You jumped over a string. I am always much more wow’d when someone’s play looks smooth and effortless.

If it’s anything other, you didn’t complete the jump lol ;D.

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It’s cool, especially when you’re yoyoing out in public around non yoyoers :slight_smile:

Everyone I’ve done it for seems to think it’s impressive, it gets the biggest cheers when I perform.

I can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time. I’m amazed I can do many of the tricks I can do.

I don’t really get the whole “jumping over a string” stuff. Most of the people who do it, it just looks kinda awkward and uncomfortable and seems to be done for some ulterior motivating factor, seems forced and doesn’t seem natural.

Impressive? I guess. Impresses me? I suppose, but then again when it comes to certain things, I can be very easily impressed. Yoyo happens to be in that category.

Not to change the subject, but on a tangent, I’m driving home from Disneyland today, where I’ve been on a much needed mini-vacation. Anyhow, at California Adventure Park, they have a live show: Aladdin. When I saw in in 2008, it was pretty great. Since then, I’ve noticed them cutting more and more corners. They no longer do the flying carpet. There are fewer high-end lighting sequences. They cut Jafar’s snake transformation effect, which ties to when he’s turned int a genie and ten imprisoned into the lamp. For those who don’t know better, it would still be good. For those who do know, it’s a a major let-down. It seems they are on auto-pilot and just going through the motions now. Then again, we know how Disney can be towards their performers.

Back to yoyo:
Again, the jumping over the string seems like it’s meant to impress. I wonder who it is meant to impress; the judges or the audience. To me, when I see it done, it seems very much like “I gotta do it”, and it lacks a bit of grace. Then again, I understand the physical complications such a trick involves. It just feels like this lacks something in general.

Jumping over a trapeze: Hard but doesn’t look impressive.

Jumping over a gyro flop: harder and looks good if you can pull it off out of the flop behind your back

Jumping over a swinging Red Triangle: Only a world champion can pull that off

Me: Sideways throw while running. Over my head, goes towards legs, jump, then proceed to side combo.

Without getting into the whole argument “non-yoyo’ers are impressed by simple tricks”, I don’t know if I’d attribute their cheers to being impressed. It’s a really flashy trick, and one that they’ve probably not seen anyone do before while yoyo’ing. It’s bound to be a crowd pleaser, but ultimately, I think most people are aware of how difficult it isn’t to jump over a string. They’re not going to walk away questioning how you were able to do it.

On the other hand there are much more technical tricks that leave people wondering how they’re even possible, or what even occurred, and those are “impressive” tricks imo. They are usually less dramatic, but this type of trick is just my personal preference. Might very well be because I’m not really concerned at all with performing for anyone.

I’m really only arguing semantics, here.

While a jump trick may be less “mystifying” than a complex technical trick, it is every bit as “impressive” as a tech combo.

On another note, to non-yoyoers, sometimes the best tricks are simple, flashy tricks. Air binds, grind binds, and any behind-the-back tech get cheers when I perform. Complicated tech and long, drawn out combos that they can’t fathom how to do will often lose them, and they tire of it quickly.

And again, I can only provide examples from my own experiences, I’m not claiming to be right, I’m just sharing what has happened to me.

Well, what we’re really arguing is my opinion. I don’t find jumping tricks to be impressive or technical, as was my original comment. Since you brought it up I mentioned that I don’t see how someone would be impressed at your jumping over a string. They might think it’s cool though, and if they like it and you like it, then you might as well keep doing it.

I won’t jump! My feet are to big.

Tripping over yoyos…uncool!