Is it true that clear/translucent plastic on yoyos break easily?

I hear that all clear/translucent plastic breaks easily for some reason. I was going to buy a clear dm2 until I hear what I just heard.

That’s not true. Clear plastic just makes noticing small cracks that happen inside of the plastic an easier task. If you were to turn opaque plastic clear, it would look exactly the same.

my dm2 has been through so much crap, and it still plays great. It just depends on the quality of the plastic. the crappy free yoyos my bank gave away broke from hitting the floor once, but after dropping my dm2 like 10-15 feet, it’s still fine.

yes the only thing that would leed me away from buying another clear plastic is that they tend to be dificult to see in contests/lighting.

but that is preferance. there are some people who would say the exact oposite of what I just said and for that matter anything I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL good luck with the DM II or whatever yo you get.

czyoyo :wink:

No, it’s the plastic that would determine how easily it would break. I would think that most translucent yoyos would be polycarbonate, which is more prone to cracking/breaking (this shouldn’t determine whether you buy a yoyo though) than other plastics, I think. Some polycarbonate yoyos seem to be brittle.


I want to know how/why exactly you dropped your dm2 from 10-15 feet…

most plastic yoyos are polycarbonate except for a few yoyojam bimetals, dont worry about gettting a polycarbonate yoyo.

I have had several trans yoyos crack up to the point they fall apart, which I have not ever had happen with opaque, of the same make/ model.
That being said I don’t really feel like it was the fact that it was trans. simply because some of my most beat up yoyo’s are trans, and they take it like a champ.

well I was throwing by my stairs once, and I was using a decently old string. I threw a nice hard breakaway, and my string snapped. The yoyo hit the floor, and rolls through one of the gap things in my hand rail, and falls onto the 1st floor.