is it possible to anno stainless steel?


someone told me on a thread that you cant but i looked it up and i got different answers. can someone please give me the real answer?


yes you can.
you can do it in any colour you want, as long as that colour is black.

edit: Seriously though, you can. and I think it might be possible to get different colours actually. Just going off of a quick google search


so i could get my 2010 flea annoed if i want to?


I’m really just going off of information from
I’m not an expert on anodization, but from what I’ve read there, it’s possible to anodize stainless steel, and actually get different colours. I think it’s substantially easier though to do aluminum. you can treat stainless steel with IVD which will give it an aluminum coating. Then you can anodize that coating any wya you would do normal aluminum.

“But the term “anodizing”, while literally accurate, can be a little misleading because the process is very different from aluminum anodizing, which is dyeable and thus offers a wide range of colors. The color of anodized stainless steel is restricted to what is generated by the electrochemistry of the process.”
just to quote one of the users from finishing.


It’s generally hard to do and with mixed results from what I see here.

Why are you so intent on anodizing it?


idk i just think it would be cool to have an annoed flea. i’ve never seen an annoed flea before


I think an anodized flea would be cool. But, it sounds like it would need to have the aluminum treatment first so it could be anodized.

Oh the colors. Brown, black, dark red.


could i get splash in other colors or not?


it’s so small it’d be hard…


You know, you seem to have a lot of questions about this, and you’re asking a bunch of people who actually know very little about it, with most, if not all, having no first hand experience. You could get reliable answers by contacting a plating shop to see what is possible, and more important, the cost.