Is it hard?

Have you ever heard a yoyo quote that has been inspirational to you? I have, and it was my own. Talking to people about yoyoing can not only inspire others, but can inspire yourself too.

I have never been to a yoyo contest. But, when a friend asked me, “How hard is it to practice before a contest?” I did not answer with a silly answer like, “I don’t practice before a contest, I’ve never been to one”. Instead, I said:

“Yoyoing should not be hard. It is fun. If it does become hard, stop. Wait until you have regained confidence, and continue, when it is again, fun.”

Does that inspire you to keep yoyoing for fun instead of yoyoing to win, be famous, make money, etc? If it doesn’t, then explain why. I said this and by the time I was done, I was on my way to my room to grab a yoyo and start throwing… for fun.

it being hard is the fun, and there is no wrong way to yoyo wheather it be for leisure or just to win competitions

Well, sometimes yoyoing is hard, but I don’t feel it’s a reason to stop. Heck, if video games were easy, where’s the fun? People enjoy challenge, it gives a sense of accomplishment.

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I dont know if its just me, but I think competition and contests, are fun.

I play tennis, and I love to play matches against other people, especially in tournaments. But just practice is boring to me. Even hitting around with a friend casually, can get boring at times. I have the most fun when I play actual matches against others.

Same goes for yoyo. I really like the idea of yoyo battles, and I would love to compete at a contest. While practicing tricks, learning tricks, is boring to me.

Well I’m sure if you ask professionals they will tell you that it is hard. Although you progress according to how bad you really want to get better. If it is not something you love then you will feel like it is homework and it is not going to bring pleasure to your life, so you have to find the balance of fun and challenge.

It’s hard sometimes I get really frustrated when Im learning a hard trick. But other time’s yoyoing just relaxes me. When I throw I do the tricks from muscle memory and I just let my mind wander.


Just like to throw this in there: if you go to contests so that you can get gift certificates to yoyo stores. That is only so that you can continue to have more and more fun.

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Let me re-phrase that:

When I said “hard”, I meant “causing frustration”. I guess I could have said that more clearly.

What you all say about contests is true, it is fun (although, I have never been, my friend has attended two and has told me all about them). I, however, do not go to win money, I go to, sure, win, but also to have fun doing something that I love. I don’t only yoyo for the money, the fame, etc, I yoyo, mainly, because it’s fun.

Yoyoing never frustrates me, but there are definitely points where the fact that i can’t land certain tricks that slightly bothers me.

As for contest, I am really bummed that I couldn’t go to FL States but I’ve essentially planned out my GA States FS (which is in September) and there is a sliver of hope that i might be able to go to Pan Am

Idk fame+money+yoyo sounds really fun to me ;D


As said by the great Jensen Kimmitt, “Get that money kid.”