Is it alright?

I have a scratch of white paint that appears to be only on the surface ( thus possibly removable) and my brother advises to use mild abrasive to remove scratches from the clear coat on cars. I have already removed alot of it with water, but I am unable to further rid this blemish from my ministar (brand new!!! I know, its terrible.) Please let me know whether or not there is some other alternative to the car scratch removal or if i am just going to have to deal with it. Thank You!

I’d leave it and just play with it.

This is not a car, do not use abrasives as they can remove the finish. That being said I am going to tell you to try something which could be considered an abrasive.

IF you must!

Take the yoyo apart, set the bearing aside and wash, yes wash the offending area with a old toothbrush. If your lucky you have foreign matter in the textured finish (the white stuff). You can use some hand soap but avoid things that mention oxi. If your lucky when you dry it it will be better. Make sure you get the whole thing dry, including where the axle goes.

If you are unlucky you have a real scratch and you just have to get used to it…hey it’s going to happen sometime anyway.

good luck

White paint? I’ve had that happen to a couple of my yo-yos from when they have hit the wall. Rub the offending area on a pair of jeans. Problem solved.

Thanks Everyone!