Is Ga States no more?

I haven’t seen anything about it this year or last year.

I’m not sure. I believe you’d have to talk to Randy Jansen about that.

I didn’t feel like making a new thread and this one isn’t that. So anyone got some info?

So I guess not.

We have tried a few times to revive Ga States but without much luck. Randy nor Rob no longer organize the event. Myself and a few others tried to get the ball rolling last year but couldn’t generate enough funding to secure a venue. There were rumors that Charlie and his mom were trying to get something started for the fall but Im not sure. Girts(Georgia Institute for Return Top Science) still has regular meets in Decatur once a month and this is the first time I have mentioned it in public but we want to plan a “mega meet” this summer.

cool when is y’all’s next meet? I’ve heard about Girts I’ve jus never been to a meet

The GIRTS meets are coordinated by the group’s facebook page. Usually someone proposes a date then we whittle it down due to everyone’s availability. Meets are always on Saturdays 2-5 in the Decatur Sq. inside the gazebo. In the event of rain we meet at the coffee shop in front of the MARTA station. Are you a Georgia thrower? If so, what’s your location?

I’m a little north of atl. I don’t have a Facebook so I can’t really get on the page.

The next time there is a concrete date I will post it on YYE. I too live on the northside suburbs in Kennesaw . WE have a very diverse group from ages 15 to 40. Turnout is limited most times to 5 -10 people but we always have fun. Some meets are larger and GA is full of top notch yoyoers

Great I look forward to it.