any throwers in Georgia that go to yoyo meets?

Hey! I’m trying to find a yoyo club/meet up group, and I was wondering if you guys either go to one or know one. Thank you!

We have a Facebook group that occasionally meets in the Decatur area. It’s called GIRTS (Georgia Institute for Return Top Sciences)

wait, by chance, were you at the Georgia State yoyo contest. Yoyo were about playing an Arctic Circle 2 (I think), and you were right at the steps up to the stage, cheering. Am I right? I was a kid, about 5, 10 with a reddish pink plaid shirt with a green string and grey Yoyorec Blink.

Well I was mainly throwing a TooHOT that day but I was part of that stage-side cheering squad. The description doesn’t seem to be ringing a bell though. Did you compete?