Is anybody not using their 10% off code from the mystery pack?


If anyone is planning on not using it, just pm me and I’ll gladly take if off your hands.



Why would they give it to you when I have a perfectly good inbox?


Im also available.


I have one, first person to pm me gets it.


That is super nice of you yoyospirit.




I sent a PM, I wasn’t serious with my post, but if someone is willing an $120 Ricochet sounds really nice.


Ok, to people still messaging me, gave it to YoCyanight, who beat most of you guys by a couple of hours lol


:smiley: I bet your inbox blew up.

I know there is a rule against posting for free stuff, but when you casually mention what you want on this board, you never know who might part with their stuff. I’m glad it worked out for someone.


How would it be $120?

20% off from the championship celebration sale brings it down to $160, and another 10% from the mystery pack brings it down to $144. Even improperly combining (as in that’s not how stacked % discounts work) both discounts at 30%, that would only bring it down to $140.

Regardless, that $144 would still be a damn fine deal… But if you have some secret as to how to get it for $120, do tell? Can you stack multiple mystery pack codes?


^ I was unable to stack my codes. You can’t blame me for trying. :smiley:


If I could thank you like a million times I would haha :smiley:
Since Im savin that crim moneys I get some more to spend on other stuff :slight_smile:


Oh, off total order, right. I don’t really want another code anymore.


So are you sure 2 codes will work together?


Yes, they do. my brother gave me a code, and that combined with the 20% off yyf got me a horizon for less than $30. ;D


If you mean my other mystery box code, that already went to a different self purchase lol.
This code was used to buy my birthday yoyos since my parents know nothing about yoyos.
Bought an Ann Connolly shutter and a Duncan Strix if you’re interested. :slight_smile:
Dont get to use them till my birthday, but atleast I saved the crim moneys.


Im always available too… :wink: