Iron whip trouble

AHHA!!! You toss the yoyo out of the loop towards you!!!

I just did 7 iron whips.

Congratulations :)… Good job.

Enjoy the madness:


then there was this!!!  On a Eh…

Holy cow… looks at fixed-axle yoyo … I’mma iron whip you, Baldwin. Yes I am.

Remember, grab low on the string so that if you miss, you can move the yoyo above the string and drop it in.

I learned iron whip before jade whip and then I had trouble with jade whip.

Got Iron whip. I don’t really have any tips… I just managed to get enough momentum out of my wrist rotation to send the string around instead of just having a dangly mess.

I nailed it on three times and on the fourth it cracked me in the knuckles.

Id recommend jade before iron, once i got jade down irons been easy because its the same motions

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Its all in the wrist. Dont worry about your arms.

Make a slack and do an eli hop and catch it in the slack

its good practice

To practice, try holding up the yoyo with your non-throw-hand and then whip it