Iridescent ano?

Does anyone know if that’s possible?

In purple

MB’s flat ano powders sorta…

that’s because it’s titanium

you could add a coating on top of the yoyo like jasonwong did but it caused vibe for a good amount of the yoyos

The glide isn’t anodized.

The answer is no as far as anodizing being able to iridescent on an aluminum yoyo. Titanium can be anodized iredescent but not aluminum

Your best bet is to contact Jason Wong. He went to a shop and had some throws iridescent anoed a while ago. To my knowledge, most of them came out vibey though.

I don’t think he can do that ano himself, but he probably knows the most about it

Jason Wong did anodize those throws your talking about Cole. He said he probably wont do then again though because they were very hard and caused vibes. He dubbed them the specter cloak I believe and he did it using the methods of ti anodizing on aluminum. They turned out really cool. Hope this helps. If you look up his online gallery there’s pics of them all.