Ipod Touch Gen 3 or Ps Vita?

Hey everyone, I’m havin a problem. I have a IPod Touch Gen 3 that my older sister gave me, and I love it and all, but it dies frequently and I must always rely on it not dying.Also, I dont like having to pay for apps and stuff, so I thought I could just trade it in and a bunch of other stuff to get a PS Vita. So, I was just hoping for your input. The PS Vita seems cool and all, but I know the games are pretty pricey, so I was just going to get the $250 one, so thats a bit of a downside. Anyway, all help is appreciated. Thanks. ;D P.S. Can I download my Itunes music onto the Vita? I’m not sure if you can, but I thought so, if not, how do you download music?
-Pizzaparty :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a Vita on launch. I’d probably recommend to anyone that they wait for the inevitable price drop. At the moment, the software just isn’t really there to justify the pricetag on the system. Don’t forget that you also need to buy a Vita-specific memory card, and those aren’t cheap either. Since some of the AAA titles take up next to 2gig, the only sensible option is one of the larger 16gb cards at around $50-60.

You’re also right that the game prices are outrageous. I’ve already seen some price drops happening, and it is usually cheaper to dl the game rather than buy the game from a store. Still though, when I asked for a copy of Uncharted on launch day without looking at the price, and they told me “ok, that’ll be $53.50” I almost choked. Absurd for a handheld title.

But, I wouldn’t write it off by any means. The Vita is very cool. Games that look and play as well as Uncharted and Rayman coming out at launch is a really good sign. I can’t imagine what we’ll see on Vita in 2 years if Sony stays behind it full force.