iPhone AT&T issues

I have an iPhone 8 on AT&T. iOS is current. For the last several weeks I can’t get on this forum unless I’m on WiFi. When the phone is on data only the connection attempt always times out. I can go on any other site I’ve tried without issue.

Anyone else have this happen? I’m hoping there’s some easy fix that I’m missing.

Edit- I just turned off WiFi on my iPad and the same thing happens. @codinghorror any thoughts?


And you can still access yoyoexpert.com?

Can you PM your IP address and hostname when on cellular?

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There are issues with AT&T interfering with https connections in certain geographic areas and breaking them. We think they are trying to insert ads. See



Yes @AndreBoulay I can access the store site just fine. Based on the link @codinghorror provided it looks like an AT&T issue. I hope they resolve it soon as I access the site on data pretty often (or used to lol).

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It is definitely a bummer and we can’t do much about it :frowning:

If you can complain to at&t that is best, cite the above topic.