invadead: Good trader in my opinion

Here’s the back-story:

He offered a Tres Leches for sale on the chat room, and I jumped on it. He also offered a PGM in the color I was after, so again, jumped on it. Payment to him got a bit odd since he didn’t have Paypal. So, we arranged that the deal be for a YYE gift certificate for an agreed upon amount so he could make his own decision and spent it his way. Then there were some other terms and conditions that we agreed to:

He would ship first, but as soon as I got the tracking number, I would complete my order to YYE(which included items being sent to me along with a gift certificate code sent directly to him). So, I he did, then I did. It took YYE a bit of time to get the certificate info sent, but they did, within their stated amount of time.

The package was shipped on the 8th, it arrived on the 10th. Items were well packaged and arrived in exactly described condition. The Tres Leches appears flawless, and the PGM has a few nicks in it, but honestly they look more like things that happened during manufacturing and not through usage. Basically two almost like new items. I’m more than satisfied.

As this was a first trade to complete in full for both of us, I have to say that I like how he handled things and I had to keep him feeling assured I was straight up over this through TXT messages and email. New guy, you know how it goes.

So, I’d say, if anyone wants to deal with him, I’d say go for it without hesitation. I do however need to correct one item. Shipping ended up costing more than expected, so I’m going to mail him the difference and some Studio42 merch next week if time permits.

I’m also now going to rate him positively for his trade status.