Into RC? I need some advice...

I bought an Ofna 9.5 Nitro buggy years ago, I cannot even remember what year it was. I paid about $450 back then. My neighbor helped me run it once, and I realized it was too much work for me, complex and messy. I will stick to electric. Also, the thing is so fast I was afraid I would lose it out in the woods somewhere. I was paranoid because I spent so much money on it. It sat around for a long time, and I decided to sell it. I’ve been posting on the auction site for awhile now, and a lot of people are looking, and offering trades and such, but I’m not getting what I want for it. I’d like to get $300 for it, but that seems to be too much. I got offers for $200 on another site where people can buy “locally,” but cash offers have stopped there. If I can sell it, I’ll spend the money at YYE. So tell me…how much is this buggy really worth in cash? Should I take $200 and run?


Sorry to tell you thats the average price for a used buggy, especially for lower end OFNAs. I was gonna sell my Ultra LX One but figured it was better to drop a few bucks on a new gallon of fuel($30) and got it running again. Im still loving it. If you want you could try to trade it for an electric but money wise youll be hard pressed to get good cash.

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Okay, sounds like I’d better take $200 if I can still get it. I’m going to try to sell it locally though, cause it’s heavy and shipping would be expensive. It’s a shame though cause I literally ran it once, and have every accessory and the manual…the works. Thanks a bunch.

Well, that’s cars for ya. Drive’em off the lot and they loose 50% of their value.

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So true. It’s probably worth more than my real car…that’s the funny part.

Maybe you can hold out a little longer. Try getting $250 for it, although $200 isn’t too bad.

I think you’re right, I should at least be able to get that…the thing is so clean, I didn’t even get the chance to put the stickers on it. I’m going to be patient. I held onto it too long, hoping to make the effort to get into it more. I’d estimate I bought it around 2007. I moved about nine months ago and dug it out…along with a lot of other stuff. Roller skates anyone? No…not roller blades, two wheels in the front…two in the back ;D. I’ll be getting rid of those soon. I love my electric buggy, but I crashed the front end that I have to fix. I will do that soon. :-\

I would take the 200$ and then get a Traxxas Rustler or Bandit. My friend has one and they’re amazing little cars. I have an E Maxx myself and I really dig the Rustler and Bandit. I would totally love one of those becuase the waterproofing. I require an RC car to be water proof if I’m going to live in Alaska.
I also used to own an E-Revo VXL and then sold it for 120$. It was beat but still ran good. But RC prices depend on the age, condition, and(I think) practicality*

*for an RC car.

I had to revive this thread, just to let you know it just sold for $339. I have to ship it out tomorrow, and it’s heavy, but I should still net okay. I just salvaged my real car for $300, and got a new one, so it was indeed worth more than my real car. I’m glad I was patient. I’m happy now. :wink:

Wow thats great man. Congrats for selling it, I wouldve never thought someone would pay so much. And congrats on your “new” car.