Installing an O-ring into a Mosquito?

(Connor) #1

Is it possible? can somebody tell me how? i didnt really like the silicon recess, i would much prefer an O-ring.


It would be hard, but I think it would be possible.

I’m guessing that you have seen the “How to Silicone Recess a Duncan YoYo” Video, so basically, you do everything exactly the same, but when you have your recess, you put the O-ring in instead. But it would be really difficult, because the recess would have to be perfect, so that way the O-ring could fit smoothly.

Here is the video if you havent seen it:


are you just looking to replace the response system? if so you can make it a star burst system. all you need is peace of bailing wire, fine sandpaper, leather glove, and a source of sustainable fire… (1) unscrew you yoyo and (optional) take the screws and caps off. (2) put on your glove get a peace of bailing wire about 5 inches long and a candle. (3) hold wire in flame until it turns red hot. (Note: if it doesn’t turn red try using a propane stove or torch. (4) place the hot wire on the are where your response should be. Just make a circle all the way around the axle area. (5) once you have all your groves melted in you will notice that it pushed some plastic up making a star burst response system. be aware that its really ruff an can cause your string to were faster. Solution sad the ruff part down with fine sand paper. It isn’t the best looking response but with a $7 yoyo i don’t think any one cares. later and remember keep it spinning.

(Connor) #4

yes, i am just looking to replace the response system, i dont like the pads. i much prefer O-Rings.