Insanity Workout



I want to know everybody’s opinion about this amazing workout, i had it from a friend of mine who downloaded it (you can find it on xxxxx)… its a killer workout and only 60 days long, you will see amazing results … i’m in day 58 so i’ll post some pics within 2 days…

share your opinion guys :slight_smile:

Please don’t refer people to those types of sites here.


ive heard it KILLS!


yeah! its plain awesome !!


I have it, but I’m too lazy and busy to do it.

Tried it a bit once, though. Crazy tiring, but it’s a great workout.


Never tried it. I just have a good diet, lift and cardio.

(Waylon) #6

First time I tried it, I almost puked. Then, dude says, “Great warmup guys! Now let’s work out!”. No joke. It really is insane.