Injection Machined TRIPLE ZERO by Luftverk!


Jeffrey Pang of Luftverk had files for a plastic Triple Zero going all the way back 4 years ago to 2019. His main inspiration was a bit unusual - he was fascinated by the Yoyojam Kickside which was actually his first yoyo (shout out to Rick Wyatt). As a kid he got a yellow one from Hong Kong and it was what got him hooked on yoyos. The floaty unapologetically large organic shape made it such a fun yoyo to learn on. he must have spent hundreds of hours playing with that thing. When he developed the titanium Triple Zero, it also sparked an idea of a plastic one, with elements of that first yoyo experience he had. At that at the time he was way too scared to pursue it. But this was the start of the Plastic Triple Zero.


During the Covid shut down, he spent so much time at home with not much else to do. It was then he started 3D printing various projects. Inspired by the titanium Triple Zero from the year prior, he printed this exact yoyo - using the Fluid Print Dynamics spacer kit he expected it to be no good. But that was far from the truth. It was incredible - It felt so floaty and fun. It encouraged a bouncy fast play style. It kind of captured what that Yoyojam Kickside felt like, but felt more modern. That was actually the exact moment this whole plastic Injection Machining idea started from. Without this viby 3D printed yoyo, he isn’t sure any of the Luftverk plastics would even exist!

Plastic-000-Charcoal-Grey Plastic-000-Pure-White Plastic-000-Medium-Teal

So with that Luftverk proudly presents the Plastic Triple Zero, an “Injection Machined” yoyo which is a technique that achieves that classic YoYoJam over molded bearing seat feel but with the quality of a premium machined aluminum yoyo. It is first injection molded into a large plastic blank then the profile is completely CNC machined. This particular version is based on the original titanium Triple Zero released in 2018.


The organic shape of the Triple Zero creates the ultimate floaty yoyo experience - aimed at being fast and fun like its titanium counterpart. Capturing the feel of how the original Titanium version moves on string was very important with this project. A clean and minimalistic design language is carried throughout the yoyo and box.


Any idea what type of plastic this is made of? I kinda wanna dye that white one.

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This doesn’t directly answer the question, but it will take dye.


From luftverk’s blog post it saids its made from POLYCARBONATE material


I just hope Luftverk keeps the plastics in production. They are such great throws at such a bargain price. I hope they will be available for generations.


Thanks @hsb ! And yes @Orion22 it’s great plastic to dye!

and this is just the beginning :wink:


Do you do special orders? If I were to get a white 000 eventually, I’d love to dye it purple!


@rkalajian yes ! I just made a custom Fluvia for Oklahoma City customer ! And I got 000 in stock if you want?!


Reminds me of the Milk, especially the white one.


Maybe a silly question. I heard some old YYJs crack in their old age and the 000 is compared (somewhat) to a YYJ. Is it because the plastic gets brittle with age? Will newer technology and machining processes keep this from cracking? Obviously if it’s not hit on the ground a lot.


I would be surprised if they did. It feels more like something between a Delein and machined polycarbonate.


To my knowledge the largest group of cracked hub YYJs were translucent polycarbonate hybrids. From my understanding the additives to make PC opaque also make it a bit stronger. Guessing based on that I would say these are likely to outlast any polycarb YYJ but unlikely to outlast any celcon/delrin/POM throw.

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Yeah. I guess it was a silly question. I’m 56. There’s no way I will outlive the material it’s made of.

I don’t think I would say that. I’ll be 61 this summer and after 4 heart attacks and an open heart surgery and Afib as well as two pacemaker implants I plan on being here for another 50 years. Today’s medical technology can only be surpassed by tomorrow’s. We will probably be able to see the turn of the next century


For all those asking about Dye jobs for the Luftverk plastics. I have this on the way photos by J-Dye. I will have more positive comments and post as soon as mine arrives…
Get your Luftverk plastic throws one white and one in another color, gray or light teal so you will have something to throw while you wait for J-Dye to finish your master piece. I expect J-Dye will be very very busy. I got a multi color way can not wait to have it in my hand. Finou J-Dye thank you for your artistry it is amazing.

My favorite picture

Every one have a great rest of the weekend


This dude’s art is unreal. I’m gonna break the bank when the Plastic Peak comes out.