infinity star

this trick has got me stuped i really have no idea how its done. i got the rolling star down (its actually one of my fav tricks lol) but anyways can someone help me with this trick ive watch the video on begin2spin on how to do it but i don’t know how hes doing the infinity sign. can someone give a tutorial of show me one please


ok… I am unfamiliar with the trick(s) in question, however I did pull up this…

Now, the “infinity” thing the guys does in the above video is what I am going to presume you are talking about. To do that, once you are in the “star” shape then what this person LOOKS like they are doing is rolling the yoyo over one finger and landing it on the front-most (or the string farthest from your body) and then immediately switching to the opposite finger and doing the same thing.

I hope I helped, I would tell you to PM me, however I probably wouldn’t get to it very quick, so if you have questions just keep posting there are a lot of incredible people here who would love to help you.