Inertia by Bradley Moss, inspired by Drew Tetz

(Bradley Moss) #1

Language Warning

Newest video, throwin 5a. Inspired by Drew Tetz, mad shout outs to Tyler Severance, Sterling Quinn, Miguel Correa, Juan Renteria, and Andrew Dalton. I was just going to shoot one concept, but then they kept coming, so I kept filming. xD Enjoy!

Let me know what you think, any and all comments are welcome! But remember, these are just concepts ;3

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very nice…i liked it.

i enjoy big 5a tricks - and you do them well.



(Bradley Moss) #3

Thanks a lot MGoddy! (that’s me new nickname for you if that’s alright :wink: ) After FL States I plan to take these concepts and make them full out tricks and then I’ll upload a video for that as well. But for now I must practice till my fingers bleed for FL states.


WOW thatspretty good

(Bradley Moss) #5

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: