Imported Beyblades for Sale!!!

Hello everyone!!! Currently, I need money for books and tennis gears, so I am selling my beyblades. T.T All of them are in mint condition with boxes except ones from sets. They are all official Takara Tomy imported from Asia. Shipping within the United States would be $6 to $7 for a small package including tracking in a nicely packed bubble envelope. If you have your own mailing service, you can provide your own shipping label and I will only charge $2 for a bubble envelope. If you have any questions just PM me. Buying bulk can get you a discount. XD

Yoyos for sale and trade forum.

$30 - BB75 - Beyblade Entry Set
Selling Separately
$10.00 - Rock Orso ED145D
$10.00 - Earth Virgo T125ES
$10.00 - Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F

$20.00 - BB109 Beat Lynx TH170WD

$20.00 - BB107 Big Bang Pegasis F:D

$15.00 - BB75 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F

$20.00 - BB28 Storm Pegasis 105RF

$20.00 - BB88 Meteo L-Drago LW105LF

$10.00 - B78 Rock Giraffe R145WB

$20.00 - BBG-01 Samurai Ifraid W145CF

$10.00 - BB74 Thermal Lacerta WA130HF
$10.00 - BB50 Storm Capricorne M145Q

$10.00 - BB40 Dark Bull H145SD
$10.00 - BB93 Ray Unicorno D125CS
$10.00 - BB55 Dark Cancer CH120SF

$10.00 - BB06 Bull 145S
$10.00 - BB05 Pegasis 145D
$10.00 - BB12 Wolf 105FV

$20.00 - WBBA Limited Edition Blue Big Bang Pegasis 125SF
$10.00 - BB117 Nightmare Rex UW145EWD
$10.00 - Misc. Wolf D125B

$15.00 - BB15 Launcher Grip Gray

$10.00 BB66 Metal Face Red
$10.00 BB67 Metal Face Black
$10.00 BB121 Metal Face MF2 Silver/Aqua