Imperial shaped yoyo


Any recommendations for an imperial shaped, fixed axel, wooden yoyo that does not need any type of pad or sticker for response? Thanks in advance!


My choices are TK no jive on the high end, YYF Legend on the low end. If you can find a TK or BC/What’s Next in the BST grab it if the price is right. Haven’t really had any experience with the other new market entries.


Im gonna echo jhb8426 and say the legend. Only six bucks!


Legend is great. I also have a Duncan 1955 tournament replica that is fantastic.


One thing I don’t care for with the duncan tournament replica or the YYF legend is the sharp edges on the shell, as compared to a TK or a BC where the edges are radiused a bit. I think the radius smooths the string flow. I’ve always intended to add a small radius to one of these to see if it made a real difference or it’s just my imagination.


This is a great point. I guess I’ve put that out of my mind when posting. I’ve often thought about trying to soften the edge, but always lose motivation when I start thinking about how to do that…