Im selling a YYJ eneme for 60-65$ with a concave bearing it has barely any vibe

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:)Im trading a eneme for whatever youve got and ill be showing pictures shortly my eneme is not in good condition it has some pretty bad dinks that take up alot of it but other than that it spins well it has a concave bearing in it so yea :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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I have a yyf proton and a gelada
I can give you for free i dont like them go to the more section and go to messages so we can talk about the deitals

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I suggest you read the forum rules. Asking for free stuff is not allowed. I personally don’t think it is a big deal, but the mods might not like this. I unfortunately don’t have any unwanted throws for you, sorry :slight_smile:


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Selling my eneme for 80-85$ in good condition other than the 2 nicks in the side other than that its good in feels good and it has very little vibe.

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Msg me if interested in buying the eneme

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