Im really bored, so guess my age. If you already know, then dont answer.

I dunno, im just bored and i just yoyoed for like an hour straight.

Ill reveal it at 10:30.

13 ;D

Your age is in your account summary, anyone can just check it if they want.

Your not supposed to check lol -_-

But yeah im 13 :stuck_out_tongue:


So true

LOL first post was the answer


Like half of the people on Yoyoexpert. Which I means thirteen year olds essentially rule this place.
LIKE A BOSS!!! (see, I just proved I’m thirteen)

Or you swarm like a school of goldfish. More food for a shark.

14 you just seem it.

d/dx of x^u = ux^(u-1)
d/dx of x^13

That’s your age according to your profile.

Dont get bored, you must be content and thrilled about everything you do in this life. Even if you are just sitting. The feeling of the chair molding to your body while so effortlessly staying balanced should thrill you beyond your wildest dreams…

You crazy kids! get off my lawn!