I'm Making a web site and need a logo!


The title says it all, I was hoping for something like a view of a double or nothing from the yo-yoers perspective, like looking down on one, It would really help if any one could help me out here, the site is very cool, and I am almost done, just need to work out bugs and a logo!

Thanks in advance!!

(JM) #2

aka “I want free graphic design work…” :stuck_out_tongue:


Almost, I guess I could pay a little for it, what do you have in mind?


lol Graph ppl make so much bank man its crazy

(JM) #5

Only the good ones…

I am working on something for you raymondini, give me some time though, I’m swamped.


Cool, thanks a million, Take your time, do it whenever, I have plenty of time!