I'm in a need of half human/animal artwork


Artist: blueberry (5959)


Idk who draws this but I love it.

I think Haru would like my Chem teacher. Her name is Mrs. Furr.

Some more I found that I saved.

ooooh Mason, that second pic of the comic.

Thats from the Nordgaurd comic series!
Also made into a card game I might add ^ ^

Look into it if you haven’t heard of it. super super cool.
And the artist “blotch” is super super cool, and also super super cool person, haha.
^ ^

now have a fox


Any cutesy comics that you know of? I love adorable things.

Look up “original life” by Jay Naylor.
It updates every monday and friday and has been running for a VERY long time.
Super fun stuff.
^ ^

Oh.  I’m down.

My radio persona’s one of these guys:

And this one’s a little on the large side, so I’m just gonna drop an FA link.

Very Nice! For some reason I just really like the tail even if it’s not all that detailed compared to everything else.

I like the tail of that last one!

this piece by artist Koul is very inspiring and amazing to me.
Very evoking of emotion.


Some great art indeed. 8)

Uriko, from Bloody Roar:


Here have a very Dapper wolf.


in light of recent events

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Knew this fanart was coming at some point.