My Drawing

I love wolves, and anything to do with wolves, so I started drawing them in unique ways.

Just thought I would share.


those are pretty good!! maybe ill send in show some of my drawings

Those are great. Makes me wish I could draw.

that my friend, is a SIRIUSly good drawing.

wolves are my favorite animal! And i love you drawings. I draw wolves too, and i have a painting in progress right now

haha sweet dude :slight_smile: maybe I should upload my picture of jacob black from twilight with a wolf in the back I had draw about a year ago xD otherwise I’m not very good at drawing animals xP

Twilight? Really? YOU DRAW TWILIGHT? Lol whatever draw what you want

I love wolves too. fav animal right there.


i made the bottom one my wallpaper lol

Wow thanks! :smiley:

you only do anime?

used charcoal pencil for most of these right? what did you use on the last one?

DANG JAYYO!!! I know you are a legit yoyoer but a legit ARTIST??? I think we have found who god is, just masquerading as Josh Yee

nice again

One more as the day ends, haha

Those are the cutest bunnies I’ve ever seen!