I'm going up the trick ladder!!

Well lately I’ve been practicing the trick ladder and I finally managed 1 Eli hop and like 3 boing-e’s. I’m so happy!! I’ve been jumping around the list and my boing-e-boing finally worked! (turns out I was moving my lower hand a lot on the previous attempts. :smiley:

Keep it up man! Practice, practice and of course more practice!

 And the trick ladder is a good way to go through the tricks and learn one after another!
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The trick ladder is a great foundation for making up your own tricks. :smiley:

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um whats the trick ladder i am new to yoyoing?

goto the learn section of yoyoexpert.com and start from beginner and work your way up. Thats the trick ladder.

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Well there are 25 different tricks. They range from beginner to expert. You start very easy and progress up it. It’s usually in contests. You get one miss and on the second miss you’re out.

There’s also a looping version which is the same as the trick ladder but just with looping tricks.

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good to hear! keep practicing and a good practice is to go through it but do each trick three times in a row, keep track of how many time you hit it, and try to beat your records ;D also, when it comes to eli hops, touch those hands! alot of competition judges are huge about that.

Here is a description from yoyowiki:
“The Trick Ladder or sport ladder, is a set list of tricks performed in order of steadily increasing difficulty.”

This is a description of the current trick/sport ladder for the 2012 National Yoyo contest.

The official contest trick ladder changes periodically.

Ah, it’s funny, because since I started throwin’ that’s pretty much how I practice, I just didn’t know that that was the trick ladder. I always wondered about that tho. :-\


That’s awesome!

It’s always good to progress!


How long have you been throwing?

It took me soo long to learn boing-e-boing. (around six months).

You should feel proud! I love when people learn new tricks, or get better at them!

Keep up the great work!

About 3 months


That’s incredible!

You are learning incredibly fast!

Dang!! Whats your hardest trick you can do right now?

Either Eli Hops or Boingeboing or the Matrix.