I'm bored! Lets Chat! Go to the chat now!

Yea im bored and want to chat with some of my YYE peeps,get in there

Why don’t you just chat in this thread?

I just went to the chat room. I had a strange discussion with name. It went:

awkward silence

Me: so… Does anyone do Go West?

Him: please stop.

Me: Stop what? Go West? Okay… What do you want to talk about?

Him: …

Me: I don’t know much about that… Is there a Wikipedia article?

Him: Are you seriously trying to get me to kick you out of the chat room? If you need something to talk about, the top of the menu has the official topic.

Me: silly broken English? [it was]

Him: there. Was that so hard?

After that followed some more random comments, then he strayed quoting some random article. T’was weird.

Wait. Do you have to talk about the actual topic?

Well… Your supposed to, I guess, but I don’t think that it’s an ironclad rule…