I'm Back!!!


I haven’t been on in a few months because of school and I actually moved so, I’m Back!!!
Does anyone remember me?


No, I don’t remember you, but I am fairly new to the forums.

Welcome back though


Welcome back! Glad to have you! And yes, yes I do remember you. :smiley:


Oh, good! I’m glad somebody remembers me!


When did yye redo the site?


Just in case you don’t know, double posting is not allowed.

but yeah, they changed things just cuz they could I guess.


Nonsense double posting is one of my favorite activities!




When did this happen?


it’s always been rule. Just not heavily enforced


Says the new guy…


well you can check the rules. It is a common rule for all forums :confused:


I just looked at the forum rules. It had nothing about double posting in there.


Yes the day is ours!


Ok Mr. Sidewaysface, I was just poorly attempting to make a joke.
See. I thought it was funny that the new guy said that it’s always been a rule.
Ya get it? Eh, probably not. Oh well. I got a chuckle.


sorry :confused: it’s hard to tell these kinda things over the internet


Deep Voice HA,HA! We are victorious! Now for the victory feast!


Do I remember you?

I don’t really know…




I think that you arrived after I left.