I'm Back!!!

I haven’t been on in a few months because of school and I actually moved so, I’m Back!!!
Does anyone remember me?

No, I don’t remember you, but I am fairly new to the forums.

Welcome back though

Welcome back! Glad to have you! And yes, yes I do remember you. :smiley:

Oh, good! I’m glad somebody remembers me!

When did yye redo the site?

Just in case you don’t know, double posting is not allowed.

but yeah, they changed things just cuz they could I guess.

Nonsense double posting is one of my favorite activities!


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When did this happen?

it’s always been rule. Just not heavily enforced

Says the new guy…

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well you can check the rules. It is a common rule for all forums :confused:

I just looked at the forum rules. It had nothing about double posting in there.

Yes the day is ours!

Ok Mr. Sidewaysface, I was just poorly attempting to make a joke.
See. I thought it was funny that the new guy said that it’s always been a rule.
Ya get it? Eh, probably not. Oh well. I got a chuckle.

sorry :confused: it’s hard to tell these kinda things over the internet

Deep Voice HA,HA! We are victorious! Now for the victory feast!

Do I remember you?

I don’t really know…


I think that you arrived after I left.