ilyy, yyj, train wreck 2, proto VK lf: 5star, grail, cash

offer if you think my prices suck

some stuff
left to right
top to bottom
gauntlet - nmip (to be safe) with box 35 shipped
valor - a couple smaller marks, all surface stuff. smooth 52 shipped
vk/california proto - sick *** yoyo, near mint (exceptional condition though) 65 shipped
any freerider - gone
SPYY train wreck 2 - a few marks, nothing to crazy though. sick yoyo. plays cool. offer
bvm1 - near mint 75 shipped

and then a couple things on ebay

ILYY enigma -…
radiyoactive cycltron -…
sigma blade zwei -…
duncan diversion -…
a bunch of old yoyojam halves -…


will trade multiples if needed.
a-rt grail
gen-yo 5 star v1 and v2
g5 prison break edition,
side effect ywet
ilyy sakura
offer, i like organic stuff, small and mid-sized yoyos, but try me

it’s smooth

up, pic of essence added

right on there it is. beautiful


next up is this one… :wink:

Whaaaaaat. Hey buddy, sup

That was pretty good.

updated this

updated a couple things, freerider mkIII and TT gone