ILYY Void: A High Speed YoYo Review

The Void is a deceptive product. It has the ILOVEYOYO name, the Candy Blast finish, the sILYYcone response, and the metric KMK bearing. That being said, this isn’t your normal ILOVEYOYO product. It plays nothing like the rest of ILYY’s stable of yo-yos. Even Frank Orben, one of the brains behind ILYY and one of the designers of the Void has said that it does not feel like an ILYY product. The biggest clue that this is not your normal ILYY product, the price. The Void is a first for ILYY, a budget priced yo-yo with an expected retail price between $75 and $80. Budget priced or not, now we will see if this has a place with the rest of the ILYY pantheon or if it lives up to its name and is an empty hole in their line up.

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2 expensive

it’s only $75 thats not expensive!