ILYY Void 2011: A High Speed YoYo Review

Reviewed by Chris Rhoads
July 7, 2011


When the Void came out last year I was very impressed with the specs and the price point. Before it was released, if you wanted entrance into the exclusive ILYY club you had to come to terms with the three-digit price tag (US Currency) that was associated with it. In my original review I said “This is how a budget yo-yo should be, a great intro to the company while not breaking your wallet.” What I didn’t say is that I have considered the Void to be one of ILYY’s best to date. Well true to form, ILYY has come out with a revised version of the Void that fiddles with the specs and the aesthetic. Also, prices have been dropping in the market making $80 not that much of a budget-oriented price. Lets see if the newer Void 2011 keeps up with its predecessor in this ever-changing market.


• Diameter: 52.25mm
• Width: 41.10mm
• Weight: 66.20g
• Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
• Bearing: ILYY KMK 6×13x5mm


The 2011 model looks almost identical to the previous version of the Void. The rims are still cut at an ever so slight angle but remain flat. The catch zone is a very wide-open straight V-Shape. The outer edge has been rounded for comfort and handling during play. The big change to the shape is in the cup. The inverse spike horn in the center is wider and easier to balance on a fingernail during matador play. Other than that change, the rest of the shape is virtually untouched. Even the subtle, but extremely easy to use IGR is present from the past model. There is one other change that has been made form the previous model to the Void 2011, the coating. ILYY went with the more budget conscious Candodized finish instead of retaining the much more grind friendly Candy Blast finish from the earlier runs. I wish they had left this feature in, it made this a stand out yo-yo among the budget set where the first two features to go are usually the IGR and the blasted finish. Most of my design comments from the previous Void still stand, the industrial look is a knock out, but in my opinion ILYY took a baby step back by nixing subtracting features from a proven design.


The Void 2011 shed a tiny bit of weight losing almost a full gram versus the production run. The previous review I wrote was of a preproduction model that was about 1.2 grams lighter than the 2011 model. What does this all mean… not a darn thing. It is as smooth and stable as its predecessors.

Response and Bearing

The Red Hot sILYYcone in this void was perfectly installed. Everyone knows that silicone needs a little break in time. Out of the box the response in the Void 2011 was concaved enough that is stayed out of the way for the most part during play so there was a lot less of the sudden pop ups due to the silicone being new.

The KMK bearing is the stock choice for the Void 2011. This one must have picked up a tiny amount of dirt while in the factory. I stripped the shields from it threw, threw the bearing in some mineral spirits, and then dropped a small drop of V4M lube in it. Plays better than new now. Spins true and quiet giving excellent performance.


The Void 2011 plays almost exactly like the original, which is to say darn near perfect. It still has that nice little thunk when it hits the string but remains smooth through out. Hops and slacks are a breeze thanks to the large catch zone, and it remains stable during tricks like Twirly Bird where the yo-yo can easily go off axle. The new spike design does allow for better balance during matador play. I was able to catch it and balance it on the side allowing it spin on my thumb. It was not as easy to do on the inverse spike versus the traditional spike. I did find that in order to pull of a good balance on the Void 2011 spike you had to have a decent nail on your finger, it did not want to balance on skin. Moving on to the 900 lbs. gorilla in the room, the finish. This is the one area that as I said before is a step backwards. The previous one could pull of every grind you could throw at while the Void 2011 struggles a little bit during grinds. Depending on the humidity outside this yo-yo will either grind a bit or it will shoot off your arm due to the finish getting sticky. Now if you are not a grinder, this change in finish will have absolutely no impact on you. If you are a grinder, the previous version edges this one out.

Final Thoughts

Ok, finish aside this is still a great yo-yo. The play is fantastic and this is the best way to experience ILYY without breaking the bank. I am still a big fan of the Void and I still think it is one of the best ILYY products on the market today. As far as my issue with the finish is concerned, I may be a little bummed that it is missing but I will live. The new hub opens up different play styles that were not as easy to do on the older model. Maybe we can convince ILYY to come out with a special edition or the 2012 model with the blast finish, or their nifty Canflon finish. As is, this yo-yo is dropping soon and I still would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a great yo-yo at a decent price.