ILYY Mary Sakura Void Wasabi Throws for sale


I have had a 10 year break but am getting back into yoyoing again and have some yoyos id like to sell

Let me preface by saying im from the United Kingdom but have done many deals with people from all over the world with no problems including the USA.

How I describe the yoyos is exactly as they are. if I say they are mint I mean they are like new zero marks at all and as I received them.

Each yoyo was purchased brand new by me 9 or 10 years ago and have been stored carefully ever since


I send all yoyos bubble wrapped and boxed and tracked and signed for delivery

Bank Transfer
Paypal - buyer pays fees

I Love YoYo Mary red MINT - $100 shipped SOLD

I Love Yoyo Mary Blue MINT - $110 shipped SOLD

I Love Yoyo Wasabi Green small flat spot on rim very small (pictured) - $100 shipped SOLD

I love Yoyo x One Drop Sakura MINT - $90 SIDE EFFECT VERSION SOLD

I Love Yoyo Void odd light mark only seen in certain light - $70

PLease let me know if you have any interest thanks

Possible trades: must be mint unmarked dead smooth

General Yo - Hatrick, Prophecy
MonkeyfingeR - Gelada 2.1, Firedevil Ridgeback


I get the sakura

ive sent you a PM


Pm sent!

PM sent

Thanks for the interest everybody the blue Mary is now sold

sakura is now sold

red mary now sold

wasabi is gone