Illinois Throwers?


Any of you guys out there from Illinois? I know absolutely none… And i get kind a lonely.


Hello agin the dead threads guy is right on they wi border


yep, near decatur


Im near Chicago… hahaha




burbs of chicago? I’m in Rolling meadows


Also got four yoyoers out here we all throw together cause we are school friends


Crystal Lake

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I’m in Minooka, and there are “secrect” throwers out here that won’t come to the club when I invite them…and did I mention the yo-yo club in Chicago?


Don’t think so but I want to go sometime, isn’t the next meeting in crystal lake library?

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No, those are two seperate clubs. The NIYC just started and the meeting being talked about is their first one and some of the people that are creating this club go to the Chicago club, but I guess it takes a while for them to get there,so I can see why they made this club. The Chicago club has been around for two years now;my dad has been in it since it started. If you have anymore questions about these two clubs, feel free to pm me


I’m also in Crystal Lake.

There are two IL yoyo clubs, and there is a meeting at the crystal lake library soon.


Im in Lake Forest


Hey, my friend, Josh lives at the LFA.



I’m also in Crystal Lake.

Hey, I know who you are!


Josh who?


Josh Arrowood.


No, he doesnt go to LFA



sigh, idk anyone else who yo-yos. :confused:


I’m in Chicago. Jefferson park area.