If you had $20,000 to make yo-yo more popular in the future, how would you spend it?

Buy as many cheap yoyos as you can, then go to schools, do demos with ball bearing ones, and give away the yoyos to the small impressionable children.


I’d buy a sports car and yell to anyone I drive past ‘OI!!! BUY SOME YOYOS AND PLAY THEM!!’


A sports car for 20,000? What, like a Dodge Viper 888 [DV888]?


Like a second hand something. A Nissan Skyline.


A+++ for effort would read again


I dunno man. This works. I see examples every month. Here’s another


I think they need to make yoyo places like skating rinks. A place yoyoers can go to hang out. Should include full snack bar, yoyo shop, good music, and a nice space where everyone can yoyo and hangout and learn together. Also should include really nice lighting


I’d either spend it on school programs or getting some form of social media personality to promote them. Back when I was in elementary school there was a program that came to our school where they had a performer doing tricks on the yo-yos they were selling, and that worked wonders. Obviously most people just bought the equivalent of a Duncan Imperial and never touched it again, but for some people it was their gateway to more serious unresponsive play.

Edit: Unresponsive yo-yos weren’t really around, I mean a while after. The program mostly sold fixed axles and I think one that could sleep for a few seconds.

The social media angle can certainly work as well. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned the video Rhett and Link did on yo-yos, but that’s what first got me interested. The tricks they made up were intended to be funny and light-hearted, but they showed a clip of Zach Gormley and that’s how I learned that the kind of yo-yoing he did even existed. It’s true that most celebrities would charge more than 20K, but YouTubers can have a more involved and sometimes larger following and quite a few would be happy to promote throwing for that sum.

Sorry for the essay, I just thought that this was a really interesting question and I wanted to include some of my own experiences.