If only...

If only Takeshi hadn’t missed that bind at worlds he’d be multi-division world champ.

Really wow.

clearly this game isn’t very attractive

WUT! this is a game?

If only this thread wasn’t created

If only. Oh wait.
Never mind.

If only I had friends

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Nah they’re annoying anyways.

not the good ones though that I wish I had.

Welp. Join the club.
I have four, one who I don’t have much in common with anymore(so we don’t hang out), one who moved to Africa one who I see about once a month(if that much) and one who I have over maybe twice a month.

So yay.

If only I hadn’t made this thread :frowning:

Ive got my theater clique. We are pretty close.

I has internet friends. They keep me alive.

If only…i wasn’t wasting my time on here