I’ve decided to start filming some of my tech combos. Enjoy!

Episode 18

Episode 17

Episode 16

Episode 15

Episode 14

Episode 13

Episode 12

Episode 11

Episode 10

Episode 9

Episode 8

Episode 7

Episode 6

Episode 5

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1


Dude your combos are all so complex! I don’t get how you can come up with so many of them :slight_smile:


Thanks! There’s a lot more where that came from. :wink:


That’s nice man!
Also, you must have some confidence to throw a ti over concrete :smiley:

That bind at the end is sweet.
You might have to show me that in a couple weeks.


That’s a great combo


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Just saw this today, great stuff. I really like your style. I might have to break down and learn some of these ::slight_smile:


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NICE! I really like Episode 8.


Dat Anglam TiSS doe.


Awesome! Super creative tricks!


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It goes up to 11.

I figured out if I slow it down to quarter speed, I can almost figure out what’s going on :smiley:


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Nice! Keep 'em coming!