I want to buy my brother a yoyo for his birthday - $50

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I want to buy my brother a yoyo for his birthday I have $50 to spend. I’m looking for Campfire, any 888, General Yo, CLYW, ILYY, YYF, anything really just offer. Right now we are looking at buying him a brand new $50 DV 888, so if you can beat that (which I’m sure you can) tell me. Please tell me if you have one available.


what are you looking for ???


what type of yoyo are you looking for?-imperial or butterfly shaped?-plastic,bi-metal or full-metal?

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Butterfly, Full metal

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DV888 is a great choice… unless he is a beginner


pm me i have a alchemy cu


I know he answered the question, but did it even need to be asked?


yeah kinda. maybe he hates a certain brand, or wants only a mint. maybe he wanted something for 2a or 4a.

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I bought my brother a Project 2 but I know that my other brother is interested in getting a yoyo. He has around $60 to spend and would like basically anthing previously listed.
Thanks PM me with offers


Oh, sorry. Just wondering, I didn’t think those brands even made 2a or 4a yoyos (except YYF)?


he didnt even say which brand or anything. he went back and edited his post


Oh. Its pretty weird that it doesn’t say it was edited then.

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