i want CLYW!


i am willing to throw in cash and trade 2 for 1 if a right deal comes along

so i have an NVx 70 shipped
it is preety mint except for some white paint marks and few tiny pinpricks.

the wedgie is pre pro but beat with stripped hub 18 shipped

genesis is super beat and has paint marks all over the yoyo and has some
few suffs that are not completely sanded. 30 shipped

speed beatles are minty mint and comes with extra spacers. 24 shipped for the pair

pics coming soon

Pics http://img593.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=1000614.jpg

SEVERE especially the 09s
BvA wounded steel GM2
mint Genesis
newer YYF
Pure( i can dream)
Any clyw
any BBYY
some metal duncans
offer anything i am not really picky on yoyos. If it plays fine and does not have a wobble most likely i will say yes to almost any resonable trades



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