I thought Tyler Severance Lied!


At the end of the SuperNova video he said he can’t do seasick but in the video for the ONE he does it at 2:21. Am I the only one that noticed that?


Those two videos came out a long distance from each other. Maybe he learned that trick during that time :stuck_out_tongue:


That is not a regular seasick, I can do the one in that video but I cannot for the life of me do a regular seasick, they are diffrent.


Seasick is like boing-e-boing - it’s one of the most difficult tricks for some folks.

(Connor) #5

Yeah, those are different versions. I know Tyler personally and I know for a fact he cannot do a standard Seasick to save his life. :smiley:


oh ok i didn’t know one was easier than the other


Fixed the title for ya there.


haha thanks Icthus