After almost 5 long years...


Some of you know what I mean. I learned boingy-boing

Now I can rest in peace


Good job man! I can’t believe how hard some tricks are… It’s crazy! I’m still trying g to learn boingyboing as well and just can’t get the motion continuously… At least you finally got it down though. :slight_smile:


I’m finally making headway on Seasick. Can’t get “Follow” yet, though.


Ugh Seasick is the next hurdle for me :stuck_out_tongue:
I just really need those front style moves ya know? Gotta change things up or it starts to all look the same to outsiders :L


I got Boing-e-boing easily. Seasick, not so much.
And follow…Let’s just say very few can do follow, alright? :stuck_out_tongue:


Seasick is that one trick that i know whats going on in my head, but the second the yoyo is mounted everything just messes up.

As for Follow, I guess I’m one of the lucky few who can do it well


Brent stole is my weakness. I can do any other related slack trick pretty good EXCEPT for brent stole. every time i do land it, its always really small. Very frustrating!


t took me awhile dude, when u make your first shot to the top string,pull it back towards your shoulder more and use that seasick motion for the initial shot up, it feels choppy,but it ends up commin out, or u can do what andre does and barrel roll a few times, to shorten the distance


:confused: Dont want to sound like a d**k, but i learned boingy boing and follow each within a day, each.
And with the dollar tree yoyo too xD


You could probably land it every time if you stopped calling it Brent stole, I hate that name with a passion. It isn’t grammatically correct and it doesn’t give credit to the original founder Alex Berenguel


I think follow is a very easy trick…but it will be hard if you dont know jade whip or iron whip


Funny because I can’t land either whip consistently


I can land Jade whip like nobody’s business. It’s practically a default trick if I’m jamming along and not sure what to do next, “BAM, Jade Whip”! One of the first tricks I learned and one of the most consistent.

I still cannot do Follow.

It’s not the concept that messes me up, it’s the execution. My hand isn’t built for gripping the string, and as I try to get my grip on it, I’m not sending the slack around with enough momentum, so it ends up getting wrapped around my hand, instead of the “in front of” (not necessarily literally because of the way you rotate your hand, but sort of) it.

It’s frustrating to know exactly what’s going wrong but being unable to fix it. I can’t make my hand grippier; the only thing I can do is pinch the string exactly with the pad of my thumb and the first knuckle of the forefinger, which is a precise pinch indeed. Not easy.

Not everyone has to do that…the “nook” of their thumb has enough friction that they can grip the string with no major issues.

We’re all different…


For Seasick, it really helped me to practice on an extra wide yoyo because it gives you more leeway in landing the string hits. It also gives you a little more confidence since the yoyo is often times coming at your face. I learned Seasick with a YYF Monster.

For Follow, it helped me to practice with a very slow string. You’ll notice that many of the premium strings tend to be thicker, more durable and ‘heavier’. This results in the slack moving very quickly. The extreme example of this is if one plays with nylon strings. I find the best strings to use for learning slack tricks are standard polyster Kitty String (which is actually my favorite string) or even cottons or cotton 50/50. New strings also help since they are less broken in and have more air resistance.



I do know what you mean! For some reason I can’t do it, I can do kamikaze, kwijibo, and lots of other technical tricks, but not boingy boing? What?