I painted my tama!

Hey guys. So, I really got bored of the light-ish blue colour on my Yomega Kendama. So, I decided to take it and spray paint it! It went pretty well, first I sanded it down, just to give it a smoother finish. I removed all of the dust (important!) with a cloth, and then hung it from a rod using a string. The colour I chose was a deep green. It’s really not that hard, just spin the ball, and while its spinning, spray away. It’s drying right now, but I’ll get pics later. :slight_smile:

Also, I forgot to mask the hole, so some paint got in. Is that okay?

I don’t see why a little spray paint in the hole is going to hurt anything. Get the pics!



Closeup of the ball. Those little marks are from before. If you look closely, you can see a line near the bottom right of the ball, where I sprayed too much and it dripped.

Overall, for my first paint job, it turned out well. I like the new deep green colour, and prefer it over the old one. Next time, I won’t spray as much, to avoid dripping and such. In case anyone wants to know, I basically followed KendAlex’s tut, except without the clear coats, which is this one.


I recommend sanding them down first of they’ve been used but that’s personal preference.

Actually, I was going to sand them, but the paint was still pretty sticky, and when they got around to drying the next day, I was too lazy. So yeah… :stuck_out_tongue: