I Need Your Help


Hey everyone i need a favor form ya, Im doing my senior project on the positive affects the yoyo has had on the world. i just need you to say any pros you can think of. also, if you can think of any cons (i really don’t think there are many) that would be a huge help also. thanks for your help

-Evan O.


2a quickly taxes your brain, making you be able to multitask much more efficiently and, in some cases, safely. The rest at least improve your hand-eye coordination in one way or another.

A con is the pain?

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Develops your muscles and enhances your creativity.


pro: it develops hand eye coordination, and excercieses the brain. It stress relieves (for me) and it is a good way to use idle time.
Con: it can become expensive.

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Could become addictive.


Pros: It helps you make new friends and meet new people.

Cons: It’s addictive…


Well, a con is, i no longer have any feeling of pain in my right middle finger. (gets kind of freaky)


Ooo another pro: it keeps you out of drugs. You deal in the same way (How much for that stuff over there? $200? Ok here it is. 70 grams! That’s epic!) but it is of course legal and way more fun.


Pros: i could go on and on with em

Cons: Expensive and sometimes painfull


doesnt consume electricity


I don’t have any cons. I do have a pro though.

Dr. Yo-Yo and I have arthritis in our wrists. His doctor and now mine say that it is very therapeutic.
It actually helps keep the arthritis pain at bay.

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You can do it anywhere, anytime, its not loud (if you lube your bearing out of courtesy), it provides entertainment for people, it helps the economy since there expensive, and its built communities of friendship! ;D

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I could go in to soooo many old people jokes here my friend. But considering you’re a mod, and can probably delete my account in three seconds I won’t, sigh. :stuck_out_tongue:

A Pro: I know of many kids my age (15) that spend the majority of their time drinking and what not. I spend my time yoyoing. I have goal setting capabilities, they are just worried about who the next supplier is gonna be. It’s all about keeping out of trouble for me


I can take a joke. Problem is I got carpal tunnel in both of my wrists from welding. so the old thing is invalid. :stuck_out_tongue: Then it turned into arthritis. and 37 isn’t old!

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Yup. Keeps my wrists and hands free from (or atleast reduced) pain. If I don’t yo-yo, my Carpal Tunnel / Arthritus gets so bad I lose 50% of my mobility and flexibility in my hands and wrist.
This can lead to hand spasms, weak(er) grip, and loss in coordination (which is why my typing is all over the place sometimes)
Other Pro’s…
Over the last 20 years of yoyoing, 12 years in a professional paid manor, I have seen yo-yos transfor peoples lives.
It promotes:
Social Skills
Goal building
Self Improvement
Direction Taking
Mathematical skills
Complex Problem solving
and Cognitive Reasoning.

The ONLY con I have ever encountered is the social stigma, which is easy to ignore (Or reverse with a few tricks)


Hey i just wanted to say thanks for all your help, you guys are awesome. ;D

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37 might as well be when you retire anymore, Gramps. :stuck_out_tongue:

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pros: sebastion brock, augie fash, andre boulay are all pros at yoyoing lol.


PROS: It is amusing to most people. It is very entertaining. It was invented from an Indian Princess who got bored and put two dinner plates together and used some vines as the string (NOT KIDDING).

CONS: It bothers some people. It can be Lethal. They can da0age things easily.

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pros: it really does improve hand eye coordanation, it is fun,
cons:it’s expensive, it’s painful sometimes