I need help! Nationals Prob.

Ok so I have been planing on going to Nats since March. But it is on my moms birthday. My dad wants to take her to Disneyland instead. What should I do/say? Please help!

Nationals will always be there. Trust me when I say this, if your parents want to bring you to Disney for her birthday, go to Disney. I’m more than positive you will have an amazing time and your Mom will greatly appreciate you choosing her over a yoyo contest. I’m not saying that yoyo contests aren’t fun and/or important, but you want to enjoy all of the time that you possibly can with your mother.

Edit: I’m 27 and still a Momma’s boy lol

Yeah I know but I wanted this to be my first contest.

  1. DisneyLand is AMAZING
  2. It’s your mum’s birthday
  3. Seriously Disneyland is great
  4. there will always be more contests

It seems like it might be kind of a predicament right now but later on in life I highly doubt you are going to look back and go, “Man, I really wish that I would have gone to Nationals. All of my friends got to see (insert name here) do a one finger handstand on a skateboard while doing a 15 minute combo on his/her nose!”

Ultimately it is your decision but I think you should choose the time with your mom.

Yeah I guess I will see what happens. The thing is that we are making her think that we are going to the contest. So it will be hard to pretend.

Disneyland is the nuts! I went nearly 10 years ago and I still look back with fond memories. Forget Nationals.

Family > yoyo contests

(every time.)

Yeah thanks everyone. I was looking forward to seeing you all!

I would just go to Disneyland. Your mom only turns (whatever she is turning) once. Nats is every year. You could just try to go next year. If you go to Nats this year, you may miss you chance of every going to DisneyLand again. If you think of it that way, you may come to your conclusion.

If I could still go to Disneyland with my mom, I would.

Cherish the time you have with your family.

Ah, Disneyland, a favorite destination of mine. I will be going in November. Not sure when I will be going in November, but that’s when I will be going. This is an annual destination for my family. In 2011, we had annual passes, so we went 4 times. This is a favorite topic of mine. Well, that and Walt Disney World. I’m not an expert, but I do need my break from reality. I work hard, and for me, enjoying the parks is a well earned reward.

Nationals is a once a year thing and you can pretty much predict it to be the first Saturday in October. Odds are next year, the Disneyland trip won’t be repeated. Most people don’t go annually.

So, let’s look at some facts:
Nationals: If you’re NOT competing, then you’re not there for “glory”. You’re there to hang out, enjoy the event, any deals that may be had, purchases and trades. It’s fun. I enjoyed it. I’ll be making Chico another annual pilgrimage, It is a once a year event, so you’re not gonna get a “second chance” to go, at least not until next year.

Disneyland: Unless there is some sort of disaster, Disneyland is open 365 days a year, and 366 days on leap years. Rain or shine, they are open. As the park is aging, some of the more popular attractions are being given major overhauls and refurbishing to keep them current and properly functioning. While most maintenance things happen in the off-season, sometimes major things happen during peak seasons. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been down since Spring and should be up and running in mid-October. One trip, it rained like mad. We put on our ponchos but the rain wouldn’t let up and was coming down too hard so we headed back to the hotel to wait it out. We went back later when the weather literally cleared up.

To go to Nationals: drive up, park, that’s it. Free. Disneyland can range in ticket prices depending if you want a single to multiple days ticket, and it it will do Park Hopper or not(letting you into California Adventure across the promenade and Disneyland each day). Budget $100 per person per day, but the reality is that it’s not that much. There are ways to save but you still gotta spend to get in. If you haven’t been there before, there’s a lot more information I could share. Admission gets into into everything, provided it’s running and you don’t mind the lines.

Who else in your family is into yoyo? Just you? In my house, it’s me and my son. The three girls and the wife are not into this stuff. Yoyo isn’t exclusive, but you have to want to be in it to be on the INCLUSIVE Side of the equation. Yoyo is family friendly. It’s also family oriented. However, yoyo is typically not a “family function” for a family unit, it’s usually a couple of individuals at most and their parents “supporting” them.
Disneyland is for kids of all ages. There’s truly something for everyone. Disney parks are best enjoyed as a family or in groups. Or groups of families. However, when my family craps out for the day, I’m back at the parks trying to enjoy my “big kid rides”. I stay until the park closes, as I’m getting my money’s worth here! While some rides are for “big kids” only, there’s plenty of entertainment ranging from slower rides, “guided tour” rides, various flume/boat rides, “Street entertainment”, performances, watching other things, fireworks, parades(day and night) and more. Even some of the ride queues are fully decorated and immerse you in the experience.

Disneyland is not open 24X7 normally. You can go to the Disneyland web site and get their park hours in advance(still subject to change) up to 2 months(now 6 weeks) in advance. That means you’re not going to be there “full time”. Bring your yoyos and throw at the hotel. The lobbies tend to be open areas, but depending on the number of people at the hotel, the lobbies may or may not be crowded. Use good judgement. They also sell yoyos at Disneyland, but they are Duncan Butterflys and ProYos last time I checked and you can get better prices anywhere else AND they aren’t decorated anything special, so no motivation to buy an over-priced yoyo.
Nationals is pretty much an “all morning to early evening” event. There’s no rule how long you can stick around and hang out. Most vendors though want to strike and split because they’ve had a long day as well.

My advise, all biases aside:
Take the trip to Disneyland. Plan for one thing only: Having a fantastic time. You won’t spend this type of quality time at Nationals. Keep an open mind, an open heart and a desire to just enjoy yourself.

I’m surprised you have an option. but even with the option the decision is clear go spend the day with your mom.

Sorry dude mom wins out in this one!

Dude go to Disney land then when BAC comes around we should go together :wink:

Moms got this one!

See if you can do both drop by nats and also do Disney.

Tell her she’s WAY too old to be going to Disneyland…

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I think I just died a little ;D

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You can go to nationals, but later in life, your gonna regret not spending time with your mom. My mom has issues, but I love her to death, and I’d chose her over any contest, any yoyo, anything. I’d give up yoyoing altogether for her. Loved ones first, then yoyoing.